Whey Is Not Meant Only For Men


n recent times, there has been an explosion in the popularity of whey; owing to the fact that fitness and supplementation go hand in hand. Everyone is a fitness-freak and the women community is not left behind. But when it comes to supplementing with whey, a strange fear invades their mind!

A misconception that protein supplements ‘bulk up' has led to a perception among ladies that protein supplements are meant only for men. 

The very image of ‘pumped up men' that protein markets employ scare women that they may get bulky if they use it! But ladies that's just a marketing lingo!

Shake up your fear about whey with a little understanding 

By applying science to basics, what we can understand is protein' is required by everyone as the primary building block of our body; regardless of men or women.

Whey Protein is particularly taken to enable us to reach our daily protein needs. Since our body cannot manufacture all the essential amino acids, Whey protein does this job easy for us. We need to keep our gender differences aside; if Whey is so nutrient-dense, both men and women can benefit from it. 

The fact is different from fiction

Women often complain about the thinning of hair, obesity, fragile nails, tired feeling, etc., but have we tried to figure out the reason for this?

The reason is very simple, you're protein deficient! As per studies, the average protein required by women is 46g/day and 65g/day for men. Our body cannot produce all the amino acids. By adding Whey to our diet we can acquire those amino acids essential to our body.

Learn about the various benefits Whey offers us:

  •  Whey is an easily digestible and a complete protein.

  •  Whey aids to bring down cholesterol levels.

  •  Leucine in whey helps to promote muscle synthesis.

  •  Glutamine helps to keep immune healthy.

  •  Arginine increases blood circulation.

Think yourself

We all know that ‘whey' is a derivative of milk. Don't we all drink the same milk that is produced by the cow or do we ever look for gender-specific milk?

Why is this understanding not that same when it comes to whey? After all whey' is just a protein!

Still, thinking of getting bulk-up?

It's time we seal this issue! Gone are the days when ‘whey' was reserved for men. Genetically, men have a larger body than women, which is why protein intake should be significantly higher in men compared to women.

In addition to this, men have more testosterone, which enhances muscle growth when coupled with exercise. Women have just a fraction of this hormone, which means women cannot gain muscles as easily as men.

  • Men have a larger protein requirement than women, also protein intake varies with height, weight, and daily routine of an individual.

  • Compared to carbohydrates, which digest pretty fast, proteins take longer to break down and digest. Whey, on the other hand, increases metabolism and burn more calories.

  • In fact, Whey helps to reduce excess fat. Whey protein significantly reduces ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. Since the body takes longer to digest proteins, it reaches out to fats in the body for energy, thereby builds lean muscles.

  • It's the minerals and vitamin intake that is specific to men and women, not the Whey!

The versatility of protein is worth considering!

So ladies, keep your fear aside and tone up and improve your strength with Whey!

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