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NATURAL MINERAL FORMULA: Zenith Sports ZMA is a scientifically designed sports performance product which contains tested natural anabolic mineral support formula. The all-natural product is manufactured employing a unique proprietary process which reinforces the absorption and utilization of both zinc and magnesium. The combination of minerals offers a multitude of physique and performance benefits, while vitamin B6 is involved in metabolism, brain and immune health.


SUPERIOR QUALITY SUPPLEMENT: ZMA or Zinc Magnesium Aspartate is a supplement which includes a combination of 2 minerals Zinc and Magnesium which are the most critical minerals we require, which may sometimes be difficult to get through our diet. The vegetarian, easy to swallow supplement is free from gluten, does not contain fish, flavour, sugar, salt, colour or preservatives. The supplement has gone through strict quality control procedures for the confirmation of purity and potency.


MUST HAVE MINERALS FOR YOUR MUSCLES: Zinc is one of those nutritional supplements that has antioxidant benefits and has a major impact especially when you want to train hard. It is crucial for over 300 enzymes involved in metabolism, immunity, digestion and many other fundamental aspects of your well being. Magnesium is involved in muscle protein synthesis, bone health, in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Vitamin B6 is a vitamin required for several processes, including creating neurotransmitters and nutrient metabolism.


BOOSTS TESTOSTERONE LEVELS: ZMA contains magnesium aspartate, a highly bioavailable form of the vital mineral. Low levels of zinc and magnesium are thought to limit the production of testosterone. Clinical research suggests that ZMA is an effective supplement for enhancing serum levels of testosterone. The more testosterone you have in your body, the more lean muscles you will be able to synthesize. The combination of minerals and vitamin in ZMA can benefit more energy, boosted immunity, better sleep, improved strength, stamina and recovery time.


HELPS INCREASE MUSCLE STRENGTH: As per research, athletes and bodybuilders are more susceptible to have low levels of zinc and magnesium, most likely due to factors like sweating during training, exertion, or increased use of zinc by the body for recovery following training. This means the body will not be able to reap the benefits of these vital minerals. Adding ZMA to your daily supplementation routine helps to fill up these nutritional deficiencies and contribute to increasing muscle building and improved muscle strength.


BENEFITS IMPROVED QUALITY OF SLEEP: Excessive training has been reported to cause sleep disturbances, as well as mood changes. ZMA helps to improve your quality of sleep which can open doors to make more significant gains. When you sleep, your testosterone and human growth hormone levels are at their peak. The better your sleep, you will be able to assimilate more micronutrients to your benefit leading to increased lean muscle gains, recovery and fat loss.


OFFERS EXCELLENT MUSCLE BUILDING RESULTS: ZMA helps optimize the levels of two vital micronutrients in the body that could boost muscle building and lead to increase in strength. It is ideal to be consumed before bed when the body’s anabolic hormones are at their peak. Using it as the first thing in the morning (when your body is in the catabolic state) will increase anabolic hormones. This means that for the entire day, you will be able to assimilate more macronutrients to your benefit leading to increased lean muscle gain, recovery and fat loss.


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madhav r.
India India


helps to improve performance

Robert M.
India India

good quality product

Its really increase my sleep quality, and stress free mind with good energy level, really good and genuine product

Ramesh k.
India India

Good one

Its really increase my sleep quality, and stress free mind with good energy level, really good and genuine product

Sukhwinder a.
India India

Nice product

Its really increase my sleep quality, and stress free mind with good energy level, really good and genuine product

Sheetal K.
India India

strength & stamina

"Very effective zma , its boost my strength and stamina during exercise and helps in stress free sleep. So i am satisfied with this zma supplement in very reasonable price"