Zenith Sports Essential Whey 1kg | Choco Hazel Fusion

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GREATER RESULTS OF MUSCLE GAINS: Inadequate protein intake challenges muscle and whole-body protein balance. Compared to habitual protein-rich foods like cheese, meat, milk, and eggs, Whey possesses higher digestibility, and bioavailability and hence leads to a rapid rise in amino acids post-workout. Essential Whey includes a blend of two hard-hitting types of protein, Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate. Adequate exercise volume, intensity, and frequency coupled with Essential Whey will enhance muscle hypertrophy.

ACCELERATES PERFORMANCE RECOVERY: During workouts, your muscles use glycogen for energy. If you put your muscles under a load of intense exercise, after a certain point, glycogen starts to decrease, which can cause muscle fatigue and performance to decline. Essential Whey offers 24g protein, 44g carb, 5.8g BCAA, and 14g EAA per serving which help to keep you super pumped and
well-fueled to make for better workouts and maximize resistance training outcomes.

PREVENTS MUSCLE DEGRADATION: Essential Whey has a higher proportion of essential amino acids and provides a good source of steady energy that helps you power through workouts, limit muscle fatigue, and post-exercise muscle breakdown. Consuming the supplement immediately post- exercise helps replenish glycogen stores, prevents glycogen depletion, and breaks down muscles for energy. Consuming protein and carb combination post-exercise promotes both protein synthesis and glycogen resynthesis.

IMPROVES MUSCLE STRENGTH: Muscle development and muscle strength rely on the balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown. During prolonged resistance Whey supplementation along with carbs increases the magnitude of muscle mass and strength Essential Whey is designed explicitly for muscle builders, athletes, and fitness freaks who look for an excellent quality fuel to complement their performance. The fast-acting supplement can give the body the boost it needs prior to and immediately following your workouts.

EASILY DIGESTIBLE | DELIGHTFUL FLAVOUR: The formula includes a blend of enzymes comprising protease, lipase, amylase, lactase, cellulase, papain, bromelain to maximize the efficiency of utilization of protein and to prevent unpleasant bloating feelings. The supplement dissolves quickly (with milk or water), doesn’t form clumps, has a smooth consistency, is made to taste great, and makes your daily protein routine an enjoyable one.

LAB-TESTED | AUTHENTIC: The superior quality supplement is manufactured at FSSAI approved and GMP-certified manufacturing unit. Each pack is integrated with a unique smart label that contains a QR CODE and SCRATCH CODE to help you verify the authenticity of the pack. Every batch of the product goes through 3 rd party lab-testing to get assurance about purity and quality.


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