Zenith Sports Jumbo Mass Gainer

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EASY WAY TO TAKE IN CALORIES: If you are eating throughout the day until you are full and still not gaining weight, it’s time to try mass gainer. Zenith Sports Jumbo Mass Gainer is a high-calorie supplement that aims at hard gainers and skinny guys who intend to boost calorie intake to gain weight, muscle, and bulk up. Every serving of the mass gainer will fast-track 63g carbs, and 3.5g protein and provide 270Kcal energy. It includes no added sugar, is free of trans fat, contains no fillers, or additives, and is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

FOR SKINNY GUYS  HARDGAINERS: For skinny guys to achieve clean bulking, weight training is necessary. Weight training without feeding muscles with the right nutrients can cause hard gainers to lose muscles. Sustaining muscle mass is vital to achieving a muscular body and muscle loss can be prevented by consuming mass gainer before training. Mass gainer helps maintain the anaerobic energy during strenuous exercise and helps prevent the muscle protein from being used up for energy.

INCREASES BODY MASS AT RAPID RATE: Consuming mass gainer at any time frame has a common response, it helps the body receive more calories in a day. Taking mass gainer in the morning will shift your body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state. Consuming a mass gainer shake half an hour before training can be a source of energy before a workout. Consuming it after a workout will help refuel the glycogen stores and help increase body mass and prevent muscle loss.

PROMOTES MUSCLE STRENGTH: Maltodextrin provides a quick energy boost during intense workouts, promotes active muscle contraction, increases endurance, muscle strength, and helps you to workout for longer and extended periods. Longer and consistent training sessions mean you can expect noticeable muscle gains within a few weeks. In addition to its ability to boost energy availability, mass gainer also provides an incredible taste experience.

PREVENTS MUSCLE FATIGUE: During prolonged strenuous exercise, muscle glycogen stores account for a large proportion of energy expenditure, eventually, muscle glycogen runs out and muscle fatigue will set in which will slow you down and decrease your workout capacity. Jumbo Mass Gainer employs maltodextrin, a complex sugar with a high glycemic index that will optimize the repletion of muscle glycogen during recovery.

MIXES EASILY WITH MILK & WATER: The great-tasting mass gainer blends well with water and milk and produces a lump-free shake. Fill the shaker bottle with 250ml water or milk, and add two scoops (70g) of mass gainer to it. Shake vigorously for 30-40 seconds to allow it to dissolve smoothly and create a great-tasting shake. Combining mass gainer with a clean eating plan, and steady training time helps you gain weight and muscles efficiently.


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