How to Build Lean Muscles Within 90 Days ?


ave you ever wondered how it would be to walk into a room and have everyone look at you with those envious eyes because of the great physique you have maintained?? Well, that would be a very proud moment for anyone who has worked hard for a strong muscular body because all the hard work and efforts put in have finally paid off. Noticing the appreciative stares from strangers and knowing that every time you hit the gym you are pushing the boundaries of what you once thought was impossible, make it all worthwhile. The journey to a lean muscle mass is tough, but it's worth all the efforts. It needs rigorous training over a period. Building impressive slabs of muscles are not about intricate programming or choosing tough exercises. It is about sticking to the thing that works, putting your heart and soul into it, and embracing the journey. And all that it would take to do this is about 90 days.

A major process of building lean muscles in 90 days can be achieved through work out. The main goals of this 90-day bodybuilding work out are to build as much muscle as possible, increase strength, and make you feel better by boosting your confidence. There are a few fundamental rules which you have to stick to achieve your target of building muscles within 90 days.

  • Use progressive overload – this means to challenge your body with weights that you are not used to. By choosing a weight that your body is not accustomed to, you are triggering a series of biological events that result in the growth of new muscle cells. So, it is important to challenge your body by giving it a stimulus for muscle growth. One of the ways to overload your body can be by adding more weight, completing more reps, adding more exercises, and reducing your rest periods so that you are giving your body everything it needs to build slabs of muscles. But it is important to maintain proper posture while lifting weights or else it might lead to an injury. So, watch out and be careful.

  • Moving heavy weight – your main aim during this period of 90 days should be to lift as much weight as possible for your given rep range. If you are asked to complete reps in the range of 12-14, then you have to choose a weight that tires you within that range. If you can squeeze out 15 reps, then the weight is too light. The reason why some people don't achieve their required muscle mass might be that they don't challenge themselves enough. So, it is always important to know your range and challenge yourself in every step.

  • Volume is the key to muscle growth – the primary factor of muscle growth is volume. Studies suggest that high load and repetitive weight training not only improve lean muscle mass and strength but also boost the levels of hormones such as testosterone. So, the key to adding on lean muscles is to add more volume. What is meant by volume? If you multiply the weight you lift by the number of reps you complete and then multiply that by the total number of sets, then you have your volume ready. So, weightsXrepsXsets=volume. Higher the volume, the higher the rate of muscle growth. When it comes to ensuring that you hit your volume markers, full-body sessions work well when compared to muscle splits. Total body strength training has a wide range of benefits which include burning of more calories, allowing of higher loads to be used because your muscles are fresher, accommodation of weekly higher session volume. You also don’t have to constantly be in the gym to hit your volume markers and you can also avoid the soreness caused by single muscle splits.

    The purpose of this 90-day program is to give you every tool that you need to force your body into building more muscles. To begin with, you can start with a three day work out per week if you don't want to spend all your time at the gym. The exercises are mostly simple without any complicated equipment. The program can be divided into three phases to make it more convenient.

    Phase 1 – This is the first stage from week 1-4. There is an emphasis on less skill-based exercises during this time. The focus here is mainly to adapt to your muscle tissues without having to worry about complex exercise patterns. Try to aim for around 12 sets per week for the major muscles. This will be sufficient to stimulate muscle growth without hitting your body too hard too soon.

    Phase 2 – Weeks 5-8 will be a mix of more complex movements. There is an inclusion of more dumbbell work in the program. The sessions get tougher and the weekly sets also increase.

    Phase 3 –The weeks 9-12 are all about intensifying your workouts to not only increase the weekly volume but also doing it in a way to build up your stamina and endurance. To do this, every exercise will be completed as a superset. For example, once you finish exercise 1 you straightaway move to exercise 2 and rest only after completing both the exercises.

    The exercises to be done come from a wide range. Chest press, dumbbell row, leg press, back squat, slip squat, Arnold press, Bulgarian split squat, back lunges, pull-ups, narrow grip pull down are a few to mention. Make sure to take the help of your instructor and do it in the proper set of reps. Maintaining proper posture also is equally important. Maintaining a balanced diet is also equally important. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes a lot of proteins and carbohydrates and get proper rest. Eat foods rich in proteins and fat to maintain your hormone levels. Do not over abuse your muscles and strain your body. Giving rest to your body for two days a week is fine. Stay away from foods with added sugar, junk food, alcohol, and aerated beverages. The key is to challenge yourself every day and be better than what you were yesterday!!! Make yourself proud.

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