When Should You Take a Mass Gainer?


or those of you acquainted with protein supplements, supplementation with mass gainers could seem a little tricky. If you’re thinking, supplementing with mass gainer is the same as using a protein supplement, then you are wrong. A mass gainer differs from regular protein powder in a way that it will put you at a calorific surplus.

Before heading to the main point of discussion about the timing of mass gainer, let’s get some information regarding mass gainer. 

Why Should You Consider a Mass Gainer & How Does It Work?

Sometimes, what appears like an easy job from a distance may not be that simple when you are trying to achieve it yourself? This is exactly how it feels when you try to get big in size. You need to know that gaining weight is typically a matter of high-calorie intake. If your calorie intake is more than what you burn, it will accumulate in your body and increase your size.

Again, when we say high-calorie, it should be referred to as calorie that comes from a high-quality diet. Now the main question, is it possible to reach high-calorie goals from the regular diet, and moreover for someone having a low appetite or high activity level, is it a convenient option to be followed on a daily basis?

To address this, the supplement industry has formulated a mass gainer to make your job of getting a larger amount of calories and nutrients, without having to eat large amounts of food, in a simple and easy way. True, if you are looking for a convenient way to consume excess calories, a scoop of a good mass gainer can help you achieve your goals. 

How Does It Work?

A single serving of mass gainer can provide from 350 calories to 1200 calories. When you take a mass gainer, the high amount of carbohydrates in it will be absorbed at a very fast pace, which leads to an insulin spike. This causes the amino acids towards muscle. This is what causes the build-up of extra muscle size and body weight. 

The Timing of Mass Gainer

Remember, the whole intention of adding a mass gainer is to get excess calories at your convenience. So, the key factor to focus on is not on the timing of mass gainer, but in getting the required level of calories and nutrients.

Yet, a mass gainer will offer you excellent results when used correctly and give you the edge you need to take your bodybuilding to the next level.

Let’s learn the best-suited timing of mass gainer:

  •  First Thing In The Morning

When you wake up after long hours of sleep, your body has already exhausted all its nutrients and has entered a catabolic state. Taking a mass gainer at this time will fetch you enough calories along with protein and micronutrients to help your body shift to the anabolic state.

  •   Before Workout

Half an hour before the workout is considered to be the prime time to feed your muscles fast-acting carbohydrates so they drive the insulin and get the amino acids to the muscles quickly.

  • Right After Workout

Soon after your intense workout, your body has burnt more calories, your metabolic rate goes up and you start to consume nutrients at a faster rate.

Taking a mass gainer at this time provides your body with the extra calories and protein needed to increase body size and preserve muscle mass.

  •  Before Bed

When you sleep at night, your body starts a fast which continues till the time you eat again and break the fast the next morning. You can benefit from a mass gainer at this time for enhancing your body size.

Mass gainer work by enabling you to consume calories in a more convenient form. However, this doesn’t imply you’ll quit your daily meals. At the same time, a mass gainer is not recommended to be taken without the workout. It should go hand in hand with weight training. Otherwise, mass gainer will lead to more body fat than was intended.

Use the mass gainer effectively for the right approach to weight gaining...



Thankyou for your valuable information’s as It highlights the importance of assessing one’s specific goals, body type, and dietary habits before incorporating a mass gainer. It encourages a balanced diet alongside supplementation and acknowledges that real food should remain the primary source of nutrition.

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