5 Rules To Build Muscles Effectively


t’s everyone’s dream to have a good physique with strength. You know that you can achieve a good body and strength through good muscle growth. But how can you build muscles effectively and what should you do for it?

Like how most people think, going to the gym is not the ultimate solution for muscle-building results. Because we have seen many bodybuilders search endlessly for the best method of bodybuilding, workout regularly at the gym, yet fail to make visible progress towards their goals. Why is this so? Are there any influencing factors for muscle building that we are not aware of?

It’s time we learn what really works when it comes to gaining muscles. Here are the 5 rules for muscle growth. Understand these rules to achieve your muscle-building dream.

  • Employ Effective Muscle Building Exercise

We have seen some people step into the gym with no proper workout plan, while others do vigorous training at the gym but fail to build good muscle mass. You need to know that, for effective muscle building, it’s important to classify your workout in terms of how the exercise trains your body and how many muscle groups are being used significantly when you perform. Your workout schedule has to train your muscle group with an optimal frequency.

Making compound exercises to remain at the center of your workout program than isolation exercises, will help maximize strength and muscle growth. Besides allowing you to work for multiple muscle groups at once, they allow you to easily add on muscles by stimulating muscle growth.

Ex: Compound exercises like dips, bench press allow you to engage your chest and shoulder muscle groups, whereas, wrist curls allow you to train only one muscle group. 

  • Proper Nutrition Is A Must

Proper fueling will enhance your efforts of muscle building and help you reach your goals sooner. A diet enriched with proper nutrition is a critical requirement that determines the rate of muscle building. A good muscle building diet has to provide you with the nutrients and calories needed for growth and recovery. Without adequate calories from proteins, carbohydrates, and fat, you may not be able to aim for optimal muscle growth.

While building muscles, you should make sure that 10-35% of your total calories should come from proteins. Carbs are an equally important macronutrient for fueling your muscles. Especially when you are strength training, half of your calories should come from carbs. Carbs are partially converted to glycogen, which is stored in muscle to power your workout. Fat is a source of energy, about 30% of your calorie should come from fats. 

  • Aim For Progressive Workout

Most of you train regularly but often ignore one part, to concentrate on progressive overload. For maximal muscle mass, your workout routine has to progress from week to week and from month to month. If you follow the same pattern of workout daily, you’ll look to be the same. If you’re looking to get stronger every workout, then you must focus on lifting more and on progression in the workout.

Try to add more weights to your current lifting program (weights have to go up, also the reps at each weight have to go up too). In fact, you don’t have to add weights to progress, adding reps creates a progressive workout too. You can keep the weight the same from week to week but focus on doing an extra rep. Try as many sets and repetitions as possible when training. This will produce a maximum built over time. 

  • Proper Recovery Yields Proper Gains

A good workout is not the one that helps you build muscles. Your workout only lays a platform for muscle building, because when you work out, your muscles breakdown. Your muscles actually grow when you rest. The concept should not be too much volume and not enough recovery days. Don’t do anything too strenuous. Plan your workout routine in such a way that your muscles get space for recovery and rebuilding. 

  • Avoid Stress & Stay hydrated

The demanding lifestyle may not allow you to hit the gym daily or to take sufficient rest on the other side. The stress of work, family, and gym workout may take a toll on your body. Did you know? Stress can kill your muscle-building dream. When you are stressed, hormones like cortisol can put a brake on your muscle growth. Take regular breaks from intense training and allow your muscles to relax.

Drinking plenty of water increases the body’s ability to metabolize stored fat. It is essential to stay hydrated if you want to build muscle as water helps to transport nutrients to your cells and flush out waste from the body. Proper hydration will help prevent cramping, improve muscle contractions, and quicken muscle response.

In the end, muscle building is more like a journey/ long term commitment. It does not happen by accident. To reach smart muscle building goals, you’ll need to include a proper workout program and a proper nutrition plan.No amount of physical activity can give you your desired body if it is not coupled with proper nutrition and recovery…

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