ABCs Of L-Glutamine In Sports Nutrition


f you are a sports buff, you would have definitely heard about L Glutamine supplements. L Glutamine is an amino acid that boosts hormone growth, enhances glycogen storage, and hydrates muscle cells, all of which aid in better athletic performance. It is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and sportsmen as a dietary supplement. Available in powder or capsule form, it can be found at any nutrition store.

So what exactly is L Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant naturally occurring, the nonessential amino acid in the human body. The “L” in l-glutamine stands for Levo or left. Although glutamine exists in a particular ratio of each right and left in the body, l-glutamine is the one that is of most use.

What does L Glutamine do?

  • Boosts immune functions: L glutamine promotes WBCs in the body, thereby increasing one’s resistance to various harmful germs.

  •  Aids digestion: This amino acid also helps in easy digestion, one of the most important requirements for a healthy body, especially for sportsmen.

  • Muscle growth: L glutamine helps in muscle growth and also repairs the damaged cells in the body.

  •  Diabetes: Studies have shown that L glutamine also helps in keeping diabetes under check.

L glutamine is mostly looked like a sports supplement and it boosts hormone growth which is essential for the performance. It is also interesting to note that 35% of nitrogen is supplied by L glutamine to synthesize proteins, which is really important for muscle growth and cell repair. With intense exercise, glutamine levels lower down and the best way to increase this level is by the intake of dietary supplements. 

Protein-rich food: Meat products, beans, beets, cabbage, wheat, papaya are high in L glutamine. Meat lovers can grab their share of this amino acid in adequate quantities, the same cannot be said for vegans or vegetarians. 

L glutamine as a dietary supplement is mostly safe to be taken. The side effects are mild and may include dizziness, heartburn, and stomach pain. L glutamine supplements can be taken by anyone who wishes to enhance their performance in sports. If the person is on any other medication, do consult the physician before starting on the dietary supplements of L glutamine.


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