Are You A Beginner To The Gym? How Well Are You Prepared For Your Journey?


etting fit is the top priority of people in the current day world. While there are tons of reasons to make working out a part of your life, deciding on getting fit and getting started on a workout journey can be incredibly overwhelming.

If you have just made the decision to join the gym to get fit or get in shape, but have no clue how to go about, which workout would help you accomplish your goals, scared of the thought that it may look like a whole new world out there which you have never explored and hence may fail, this article is exclusively for you.

I am going to discuss in this article, the challenges you may face while starting as a beginner to the fitness journey, give you some guidelines to follow, some tips on how to overcome the fear about the gym and help you make a successful fitness journey.

Your Beginning Weeks In The Gym Will Be Certainly Demanding… Don’t worry!

Starting your fitness journey essentially feels like changing your lifestyle or making a new commitment. There is no doubt it seems frightening and difficult while getting started but trust me all it requires is time, dedication, determination, courage, and most importantly patience.

Ok, let’s move ahead…

Those of you beginners to the gym should remember one thing that those who are already experts in the gym or those bodybuilders whom you get to meet over there have been beginners once. They have passed through the same phase as you. Initially, even they didn’t know where to go, what to lift, or how to use machines. 

It is only through consistent effort, constant will, and confidence that they are what they are today. So, buddies, relax! There is nothing as fearsome as you think it is!

Convenience Is The First Step To Success

Finding the right gym would be your first step in your fitness journey. Make sure to choose the right gym for convenience's sake.

  • Find a gym that is close by to your home or office, or somewhere in between so that you hit the gym during your commute.

  • If you choose a gym that is far off from your place, you’ll end up making excuses.

  • Enroll in a gym which offers reasonable rates, shouldn’t be too expensive.

  • If you have a hesitation to go to the unisex gym, look for a gym that offers a separate floor for men and women.

Plan Your Workout At The Most Convenient Time

Planning your gym timing is as important as choosing the right gym. It is of utmost importance to choose a timing that is most convenient for you.

  • If you are not a morning person, who finds it difficult to wake up early morning, don’t choose early morning hours for the workout.

  • Likewise, if you feel you are too exhausted at the end of a workday, it may not be ideal to choose a timing soon after your office hours.

Don’t commit to a particular timing because somebody suggested you, you need to pick a timing that you can really commit to.

Use A Strategy

One great strategy for a beginner would be to try if you can have a workout partner. Ask your friend, colleague, or family member if they would be willing to attend the gym with you. The workout partners not only keep each other accountable, but they serve as a great source of encouragement and motivation.

Sometimes, the little things that we do could fetch us great results. Keep your gym bag packed with all your needs, so that when you know it’s time to head to the gym, you can simply give in and don’t want to be looking around searching for things. This simple tip is worth trying. 

Here Are Some Very Important Don’ts Which You Need To Note:

  • First and foremost, don’t head towards the gym with some perceptions to get a Hollywood physique in 30 days or to get a zero size figure in 3 weeks. Always have realistic goals.

  • Don’t worry about how you look and don’t make assumptions that other people might judge you. Have confidence in yourself and be focused on the purpose why have joined the gym.

  • Don’t get scared while starting out, walking into a packed gym. Generally, most gyms are packed at peak hours. Make sure before joining that the other times aren’t the same as the peak hours.

  • Don’t carry your cell phone to the gym, or if you carry, leave it in the locker, as there is nothing more distracting than listening to loud ringtones or to another person’s conversation unwillingly.

  • Don’t treat the gym process like heading towards a competition. Do not use a greater momentum during the initial days as this may increase the potential for injury to the muscle group. Play it safe and start lower than your expected ability.

  • Don’t choose a workout because somebody else suggested it to you. There are workout routines better suited for individual goals.

  • Don’t rest for extended periods of time on a machine that someone is waiting for, instead work in with them between sets.

  • Don’t make the false assumption that weight lifting or strength training would make you bulky. In fact, strength training will help increase your metabolism, help to lose fat, help build good muscles, and make you strong.

  • Don’t wear tight-fitting or woolen clothes to the gym. The clothes you wear to the gym should make you feel comfortable and allow you to move freely.

  • The above tip holds good for footwear as well. Don’t use running shoes at the gym. Buy a pair of shoes with a flat and non-compressing sole. Inappropriate clothing and shoes will cause an unnecessary deficit in your workout.

  • Don’t rely on the exercise completely, nutrition plays a very important role in the process of fitness training. Give equal importance to it.

  • Don’t compare your potential with others’, a comparison should be on the positive side otherwise it will demotivate you. It’s totally fine if you can work out only half an hour at the gym while the other person spends 2 hours at the gym. Consistency is the key…keep going…

You must have already started feeling easy by now, good if you are feeling so…

Shall we now learn some important gym etiquette which nobody tells you at the gym but you should be aware of these:

  • Take regular showers (especially during warmer months) and wear clean clothes. Never wear the same shirt you have already sweat in for the second time.

  • Always carry a towel with you to the gym. Don’t leave your sweat on the gym equipment, wipe it off after you are done.

  • Be disciplined enough to put back the weights on the rack after you’ve used it.

  • When you are not sure how particular gym equipment works or need any clarification, do ask your trainer to explain.

  • Certain people at the gym may not like to socialize. Don’t disturb such people by making casual conversation. Just remember your purpose and move on.

  • Deal with your other gym partners respectfully, especially with the ladies. Don’t make them feel embarrassed or become conscious.

  • You don’t have to follow the random advice that comes by, but be polite enough to receive them.

Remember You Are Still A Beginner

Your other fellow mates may be well-versed with the techniques of all the gym equipment. This doesn’t mean you’ll also go and learn all the things on the very first day. You’ll definitely become more familiar with things as the days go by and use them often.

Don’t hurry up! Simple warm-up exercises like shoulder rotation, twisting your torso, a cardio workout on the treadmill for about 20-25 minutes, followed by weight lifting using simple weight for about 10-15 minutes would be more than enough to follow for the first week to successfully get accustomed to the gym. 

You need not work out on all the days of the week for the first couple of weeks. Start slow but be patient and consistent. I may give you a hundred suggestions but the best job for you to do would be to invest some time in doing your own research about the gym techniques and proper mode of workout.

Getting to know things by yourself will boost your confidence, help you make informed decisions, and to be independent. It’s just a matter of time… one workout after another, combined with proper nutrition, you’ll not only have improved your technique, and skills but would set yourself on stage and be ready to challenge yourself…

Well, that’s enough for now, I’ll come back with yet another interesting blog the next time…Stay tuned to to get more updates.  Till then, I wish you all the best for your new journey!

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