Top 3 Diet Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Weight


re you looking for a toned body and slim waistline? Did you start your diet plan with super excitement 3 weeks back? And shortly did your motivation subsides and are currently finding it harder to refuse pizza, ice cream, chocolate, and cakes?

Do you feel like you have been following a correct diet routine but are still unable to get the desired weight loss results?

If you’ll relate to either of these scenarios, you’re not alone. I often hear people making complaints regarding their unsuccessful attempts to weight loss journey. Well, weight loss could be the most common fitness goal, however, it’s undoubtedly no simple task to achieve.

You get most data out there to decide on the diet pattern but the one that tells you those little mistakes about diet pattern that matter the foremost for weight loss goals are limited. This article lists the top 3 diet mistakes that you may not have realized you are making, but maybe holding your body from losing those extra pounds!

What Is Weight Loss?

Weight loss means a reduction in body mass. This could result from either voluntary (diet/exercise), or involuntary (illness) circumstances. Weight loss comes from both the loss of fat and muscles.

Now, lean body mass = (Weight of your muscles + Weight of your bones) – Weight of fat

Please note here that muscle loss is not something you’d like during weight loss.

Top 1 Mistake: Cutting Back Too Much Calorie Could Backfire

Most of you are in an urge to achieve quick weight loss results and tend to go on a bigger calorie deficit or starve with a false assumption that a bigger calorie deficit would possibly fetch you fast results. Being too restrictive about your calorie intake is the prime reason why you eventually tend to give up on diet plan. Although, reducing your calorie intake will indeed make you lose weight, reducing it significantly too soon will harm your body.

An Excessive calorie deficit will slow down your metabolism over time as your body is trying to save energy by reducing the number of calories your body burns. If your body doesn’t burn calories efficiently, you’ll have a tough time losing weight, even if you’re limiting your calorie intake. Starving causes you to eat more or over-eat, which further ups the risk of weight gain.

Losing weight always involves some kind of muscle loss, when you under eat, you increase the chances of this happening more. Loss of muscle mass ends up in an additional decrease in your metabolism causing your fat loss to become more and more difficult.

Weight loss needs to be approached in a healthy, slow, and steady way. Your caloric intake should be an enjoyable and sustainable one.

Top 2 Mistake: Cutting Down Certain Food Groups In a Long Term Diet Plan

Cutting carbs and fat is the first thought which comes to your mind when you make a long term diet plan. Although cutting carbs and fat encourage weight loss, we need them in moderation. If you eat everything in moderation, then you will not only be able to satisfy your craves but will also be able to maintain the diet plan in the long run.

Carbs are the main source of fuel for our bodies. The key is to make sure you don’t overeat carbs and that the carbs you eat are the right kind. After all, not all carbs are bad!

Simple carbs are low in fiber content and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream which causes major spikes in blood sugar levels. Some examples of simple carbs that you should avoid are sugars, candy, cakes, pasta, white rice, soda, refined white bread. 

Unlike simple or junky carbs, complex carbohydrates contain fiber. They take longer for the body to break down and don’t cause rapid spikes in blood sugar. Complex carbs provide more sustained energy for the body and promote satiety. Replace your white sugar, fructose corn syrup with cleaner options like honey and pure maple syrup. Also, remove your alternative sweeteners, which can lead to more sugar cravings and ultimately fat gain.

When it comes to fat, an important thing for you know is, which fat is essential for your body and not to completely avoid it. The good fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as those found in avocados, peanut, olive oil as well as omega-3 fats found in fish should have a place in your diet.

Say no to bad fats found in commercial baked goods, doughnuts, french fries, margarine, and other snacks.

Top 3 Mistake: Improper Diet Practice

When it comes to weight loss diet, many of you do these mistakes:

Don’t Skip Breakfast                                          Breakfast is thought to be the most important meal of the day and your body needs nutrients in the morning to get going. Skipping breakfast will not help in shedding pounds, but will lead to cravings throughout the day and overeating.

Ignoring On Vegetables and Protein                    Vegetables are low-calorie, nutrient-dense, healthy alternatives to different foods. You must add enough of them in your diet.  Not including sufficient protein in your diet can slow down your metabolism, set fatigue, contribute to muscle loss and weight gain. Protein is a great fat loss macronutrient that has a thermic effect, meaning which, the body burns more energy processing protein than it does with carbs and fats.


Late Evening Snacking & Eating Frozen Foods       Your body will not be able to process and burn calories resulting from late evening snacks since your body will be in a state of rest during this time and there is no much physical activity to burn the calories. While people look for convenience in frozen foods, the actual fact is that frozen meals lack nutrients and contain preservatives. Also, they are heavily processed and can leave you short on fiber and antioxidants.

Eat high protein meals in the early evening to promote satiety, so that you won’t feel hungry to munch on snacks before going to bed. This will also stimulate protein synthesis and prevent muscle loss.

Losing weight is a long term game that can be achieved with consistency and proper planning… Don’t get demotivated, or let your diet mistakes derail your progress…

Build up self-discipline and stay the course…

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