Is A Mass Gainer Supplement Meant Only For Men?


re you too skinny and your ribs on the show? So, you should be bulking, use a mass gainer.  Oh! No, that isn’t for me, only men can go about it. Are you also a typical lady who responds to a mass gainer and bulking this way?

Although the general scenario is, men are obsessed with the muscular bodies as they see it as a mark of masculinity, and women are keener to gain a curvy body, the contrary scenario also exists. There are women who are struggling to gain weight and are battling a severe weight loss problem.

This article is especially for women who are naturally skinny but hesitate to take the aid of a mass gainer out of the fear that it might turn their physique appear bulky like bodybuilders.

Before we go ahead, it makes sense to understand the probable reasons for a lean physique.

  • In most cases, genetics and hormonal imbalance play a role in keeping you skinny.

  • The high rate of metabolism is another good reason for not gaining mass or body weight.

  • Poor or unhealthy diet practice or not having sufficient calorie intake.

  • Wrong exercise practice – doing too much cardio exercise will not help you gain muscle mass.

  • You may eat enough food but the body is unable to process it well and utilize its goodness due to poor metabolism.

  • Lean women are generally advised by self-imposed health experts not to exercise as exercising may cause them to become slimmer which is totally wrong.

  • Last but not least, most women are not aware of the use of mass gainer supplements.

  • Moreover, mass gainer supplements are usually marketed as a male-oriented supplement which restrains women from using it.

All the facts quoted above could hinder healthy weight gain and strength.

The Chief Requisite For Gaining Weight

The men and women no doubt have some striking differences in terms of emotion, intellect, and physique, this shouldn’t mean their approach towards physical fitness and supplements need to be gender-specific.

The basic requirement for putting on weight irrespective of men or women is being in a calorie surplus. This is a really tough job as you might have to eat even when not hungry. The real purpose of a mass gainer persists here.

Mass gainer supplements serve as a liquid form of calories. They help to increase your calorie intake, without making you feel like you are eating huge amounts of food. Liquid shakes usually don’t give the same feeling of fullness as solid food does; it is easier to gulp a liquid diet even when you feel stuffed. As a must to note, exercise is the primary requisite to maintain a healthy body, irrespective of all your fitness goals.

Rule Out The Fear About Mass Gainer With A Proper Understanding

As per the survey, the women consumers keep away from mass gainers out of fear that they may get bulky. But, I tell you what, this fear arises in mind because of poor understanding. The biggest concern among skinny ladies is to gain mass without getting fat.

First and foremost, you need to understand that getting bulk doesn’t mean getting fat. A clean bulk means adding muscle mass and not fat mass while consuming a surplus of calories. This is exactly what a mass gainer does for you. It is not any steroid or drug that can be harmful.

There is another wrong belief among ladies that weight training may cause them to become huge. Actually no! Weight training is what you need to practice for muscle stimulation and muscle growth.

Despite supplementing with a mass gainer and regular exercising, women won’t get bulky.  This is because women’s physique is not like that of a man and gaining weight is far tougher for a woman than for a man. Men and women have different hormonal profiles. For instance, women have less testosterone than men, the chief hormone that influences muscle gains.

While the calories from mass gainer determine how you gain calories, your exercise determines what kind of weight you gain, whether it is from muscles or from fat. Hence, regular exercising is a must!

Ladies, Don’t Let The High-Calorie Count Of A Mass Gainer Alarm You! 

Your nutrition has an enormous impact on the amount of muscle you have in your body. It is a very strenuous process to prepare a large amount of food every day and to consume it. Mass gainers are an easy way of getting more calories into your diet. For skinny people, mass gainers can play a major role in boosting their confidence level and enhance their personality.

Although it is true that the mass gainers provide high calorie per serving, these calories come from a good place. It is high in calories derived from various sources of protein, carbs along with vitamins, minerals, and fat. There is also provision for you to reduce the dosage into half a serving if a full serving is too much for you.

A reliable supplement like the Zenith Mass Gainer has a scientifically portioned ratio of carbs, protein, and fats for a lean muscle gain without unnecessary bulk. You may find it difficult to do this with food without weighing, calorie counting, and so on. Having a reliable mass gainer shake makes for a convenient muscle gaining aid. While the mass gainer helps to fill the overall macronutrient void needed to gain muscle mass, the wide variety of vitamins and minerals in mass gainers help to take care of any unknown dietary deficit you suffer from.

Are you now realizing that your fear was not about the mass gainer supplements or bulking but your lack of proper knowledge about these led a fear in you?

Ladies, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Like what most of us do, after having understood everything, we tend to get a little incautious which may ruin our whole effort.

  • Skipping meals is the common misconception that may arise in you when it comes to supplementing with a mass gainer. The mass gainer shakes are not meant to replace one whole meal. This could be a huge mistake, especially when working out intensely.

  • You need to understand that the mass gainer supplements are meant to increase energy and add more muscle mass and strength. They are meant to supplement the already existing diet that you have and to help fill in the gaps of calorie deficit. Basically, they help you surpass the excess calorie requirement on a daily basis when consumed in addition to the regular diet.

  • Some self-imposed fitness experts may advise you to eat pizzas and chocolates which are high in calories. Be aware! Indulging in pizza and chocolate will not fetch you healthy calories you need to gain a healthy weight.

I don’t think I need to say what healthy weight means now! Yet, healthy weight means putting on muscle mass and not the fat mass. In the end, please remember, that achieving weight gaining or any fitness goal for that matter, requires patience and determination. It’s not possible to find results overnight.

Everyone’s body type is different, and it may take longer for some people than for others. So, don’t give up in the meanwhile…

Now, ladies, Mass gainers are no longer a man’s business, it can be used equally by you…after all it’s not that only men need muscle mass and women do not…

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