Whey Protein Is The Ultimate Source Of Protein


o matter what your fitness goals are, from everyday nutritionally inclined individual to the muscle-inclined bodybuilder, protein is a must for all. As the protein glory increases, the protein market is booming, and choosing the best protein from a diverse variety of protein supplements has been a challenge. Yet, Whey protein has remained an incomparable, all-time favorite protein despite the various variety and choice of supplements.

Whey Protein is an alternative to whole foods and a bridge to fitness. This dairy protein has got all the essential amino acids our body needs to continue building proteins. There is pretty much to know about this ultimate source of protein. This article gives you a better understanding of Why Whey? Who needs to supplement with Whey? And the Speciality of Whey. To start with,

Why Should We Supplement With Whey?

Before we go ahead discussing who needs to supplement with Whey, we must first understand why protein is a must for all. Our muscles, ligaments, tissues, tendons, hair, skin, and all organs are made from proteins, and so are hormones, enzymes, and various chemicals essential to life.

Our body requires 21 amino acids to form proteins, but it can produce only 12 and the remaining 9 (essential amino acids) must be either obtained from the diet or through supplement sources. Since consuming a protein-rich meal daily becomes a tough-do-option, taking the aid of protein supplements like Whey becomes an easy-to-do option. Basically, Whey helps to fill the protein gaps of a varied diet. 

Who Needs To Supplement With Whey?

As a common perception, Whey is not designed only for those who work out at the gym, but it is a macronutrient that does multiple tasks apart from simply serving you reach the protein target.

Whey supplementation is suitable for everyone (both men and women), especially for vegetarians as vegetarians might end up not getting enough protein in their diet. Its supplementation is regardless of the work-out regime. Whey efficiently fulfills your purpose whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, and boost health. It is an easy source of protein for athletes or anyone who simply can’t meet their protein goals through a regular diet. 

The Speciality of Whey

Although there’s nothing miraculous about Whey, the convenience of using this protein powder sets it apart from any other protein sources. There are many health benefits claims around Whey which include recovery post-workout, increased muscle mass, and improved wellbeing.

Here are the top 10 listings about Whey:

  • First and foremost, Whey is superior to other forms of proteins in that it has a higher biological value (which means the body utilizes it more efficiently, compared to any other protein.

  • Whey is particularly a good source of the macronutrient, whose very appeal is in its texture. Whey is very neutral and tends to dissolve and mix well with water, milk, or other beverage.

  • Whey is an easily affordable protein source and yields more protein per scoop (about 24g-27g).

  • Whey is a fast-digesting protein that passes through the stomach in just 1.5 hours and absorbs at the rate of 8 grams to 10 grams per hour. Faster digestion of Whey results in a rapid increase in amino acids and thereby rapid stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.

  • Another very interesting fact about Whey is its portability and versatility. Whey protein is suitable for a wide range of applications starting from shakes, muffins, cakes, protein bars, etc.

  • Whey is particularly high in BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) which helps to augment adaptations to resistance training by increasing muscle strength and enhance lean muscle mass.

  • Whey is the best weight-loss protein. It is very satiating than other forms of protein. Whey reduces appetite, boosts metabolism, and effectively helps to preserve muscle while you lose fat.

  • Whey is rich in glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants which is essential for better immune functioning.

  • Whey is generally low in lactose (milk sugars) and fat, so it won’t cause a negative impact on your macronutrient levels.

  • Lastly, the consumption of Whey need not be timed precisely. You can consume it anytime you need a protein boost.

Whey is a much easier and convenient option for busy people to get their daily allotment of protein. You may not have a chicken breast or a cup of beans soon after your workout, but you can throw a scoop of Whey into a shaker and be done with it. Whey Protein is an alternative to whole foods and a bridge to fitness. The ultimate source of protein has a plethora of advantages!


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